Artwork Guidelines

We recommend using one simple, strong image and one sentence of text plus a telephone number and/or website address. Remember that your audience will likely be on-the-go, and will be unable to take in more than this. Text should be no smaller than 230 point for readability, and preferably in a sans serif font such as Ariel or Calibri.

We reserve the right to refuse any artwork, or ask you to change it, on the following grounds:

  • Bad language
  • Sexual content
  • Shocking or disturbing imagery
  • Derogatory or defamatory references
  • Animated images or text
  • Non-compliance with CAP regulations
  • Artwork needs to be in correct proportions (please see below for dimensions)

Wrong file format/colour settings

Note that we only check your artwork against our own guidelines. It is your responsibility to ensure your artwork is
legal – for example that you are not in breach of copyright or that any statements you make are honest and truthful. Although we will do our best to assist you to conform with the regulations, we cannot take responsibility for adverts removed by ASA for non-compliance. Please ensure your artwork is saved as the highest quality your software allows. Lower quality images may cause pixelation or other problems.

*It is the client's responsibility to ensure that all artwork supplied conforms to the UK Code of Non-Broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (CAP- Committee of Advertising Practice Code).

This Code is enforced by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The full Code can be found here.

Technical Requirements

  • Final artwork size should be no greater than 9-10 MB. 
  • No animations
  • Accepted Media file formats: AVI, MPEG or MOV
  • Accepted Image file formats: JPG, GIF or TIF
  • File names needs to include company name and advert number
  • Please ensure all artwork is provided in RGB and not CMYK
  • Side panels: No more than 5500 pixels by 2800 pixels
  • Rear panel:  No more than 3000 pixels by 4100 pixels
  • Keep font size above 190pt to stop pixelation
  • Avoid using 'thin' fonts and use thicker style or bold fonts wherever possible 

Hassle Free Artwork

As an additional service, If you don't have access to design packages or you simply don't have the time then let iDrive Media take all the hassle out of creating that perfect advert to promote and advertise your business.

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@albert3052 Hi Albert, Hope you're doing well. Sorry for the late reply, just picked this up now. How can I help?

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Driver plasters £63k Range Rover with slogans in dispute with garage . Great use of self targeting OOH medium.